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My name is Jamie Castillo and this is my husband Jason. We have been married for 15 years and began our own birth journey 12 years ago with the birth of our firstborn Francesca. Growing up, my mother gave me a wonderful gift, since whenever I’d ask about childbirth she’d always say “Oh it’s not that bad!” Believing it was possible to have a baby without drugs, I began studying natural childbirth in my college years knowing that marriage and family were likely in my future. Several years later during my first pregnancy I found a care provider who supported my natural birth goals and it was she who suggested my husband and I take a Bradley Method class.

Our Bradley class not only helped to affirm my goals, it also gave me true relaxation skills that I definitely called upon during that first (and second! and third!) labor. However, the class completely changed my husband who started out quite fearful of the process. The class proved to be such a valuable period in our lives, helping us to become a real team. Through those many weeks my husband came to understand (and not fear) childbirth, and his support has been a true help to me each time we’ve grown our family.


Soon after my first daughter was born, I  developed a love for childbirth education. I could clearly see how my life and our marriage had been impacted by quality information. I have now been teaching Bradley Method classes for eleven years and have worked with over 300 couples. I bring a philosophy of education that acknowledges the teamwork and relationship between the mother and father, while providing clear comprehensive education. You will understand your body and the birth process in a way you never have before!


 Taking a Bradley Method class does not guarantee a certain type of birth. My class will prepare you and your partner for your special birth and help you to understand and work with it as it unfolds. God bless you on this special journey! 

Jamie (learn2birth@yahoo.com)



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