Nice things people say!

From Ruth: It was a hard thing to commit every Sunday at the end of our pregnancy to learn the Bradley method. But it soon became such a special time for me and Johnnie just to enjoy each others company and prepare for our labor. I hadn’t realized how affected I was by my first birth until I cried in your class. As embarrassing as it was, it was good. Juliette’s birth was healing in so many ways. I am forever grateful for the confidence you gave me and Johnnie going into our labor.

From Ana: We survived labor! Hahahaha! My water broke early Saturday morning (thanks to the class I knew to wait it out because it was a slow leak). We went to he hospital that evening but my cervix had not softened and I was completely closed. So the meds started… First to get me to soften. Which brought on contractions that I stuck out for 7 hours. Then I finally was 90% but I had only dilated a 2. I ended up getting an epidural so I could sleep that night and by 11 am Sunday morning (after more meds) I was a 10! I pushed for an hour and 15 min and my boy arrived! Nico was a great coach– the classes truly converted him! Hahaha! My sister and mom were also there and it made for a great experience!!!

From Adrian: For all you husbands out there. When my wife mentioned she wanted to have a natural birth, I was scared. But I know I needed to support her. I had to figure out how I can best understand pregnancy, labor and my role as her husband and father to be. Bradley class helped me fill in the void. Jamie is a wonderful instructor. She’s knowledgeable, caring and resourceful. During her class, I made it my mission to get involved, learn, ask her lots of questions. At the end, it paid off. During labor, all of the things I was exposed during Jamie’s class was something I relied on heavily. It created structure and plan on how I can best support my wife and son. Thank you Jamie!

From Tamara: Thank you for a wonderful class! We came to you feeling scared and anxious and now we feel so much more relaxed, confident, and prepared for labor and delivery! What an amazing gift to new parents! Thank you!

From Megan: From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I never told me body to create eyes or a nervous system or fingers and toes, I just trusted the process. In the bottom of the ninth, I wanted to fully trust that the body that created and nurtured this child could deliver it without intervention. What a lot of people don’t understand is that it took a lot of preparation and training. Shooting for a natural child birth without prepping is like showing up the day of a marathon without having run a day in your life. But with preparation it is so possible and nothing short of incredible! I just want to spread the word because after 25 hours of labor, I can say that bringing my baby in to this world was the most beautiful, empowering, amazing moment of my life and i wish that experience for every woman! Thank you to my birth “dream team” (Jamie Castillo, Kym and Freddy Radillo). You guys rock

From Valerie: (whose husband Martin started out terrified of birth and didn’t want to be in the room, so proud of them!)

Our son was delivered at 10:40pm on March 27th. I did not experience a pubic symphysis stretch nor, did I consume any pain medication. We had a 100% successful delivery.
Jamie, I cannot thank you enough for the class you teach. Bradley has transformed our lives completely. We continue to endorse the methods and the class to all our friends and family. I remember in one of our classes you mentioned the husband as not only the coach but the advocate for the wife. That was exactly my experience, both times, Martin is amazing. Thanks to you, he had the knowledge and the calmness to get me through everything. All I had to do was focus and breath!
The second time around was amazing.

From Celina:  If I had the money I would pay for each of my friends who were/are prego to go to you! You are the only reason that Brandon and I felt confident when going to the hospital and were so calm for our birth experience. And I love that you are more than just a teacher to us, but a friend through the whole experience. It meant so much to us that we were able to call you when things were not progressing typically. You are amazing and one of the things that I look forward to when we start trying for baby #2 is seeing you again, because we are definitly coming back! xoxo

From Meredith: This child was our miracle, our one and only, and so we had a lot of pressures we put on ourselves to have a “perfect” birth.  Jamie’s class helped us to openly share our feelings and then be able to simpy ENJOY the birth of our beautiful son!  Without Jamie we would have missed the opportunity to have enough education and honesty about childbirth to be present for the birth of our son.  We worked as a team and to this day feel our marrirage is stronger as a result.  Jamie’s calm and direct teaching style, full of honest and thorough information, resulted in a smooth labor and a memorable birth.  Being able to practice relaxation techniques and how to best communicate with each other in advance made all the difference when it came time to bring our child into the world.  We always felt fully supported and to this day continue to feel that Jamie is one of our Earth Angels, sent to us to help our miracle enter this world safe and healthy.  Thank you will never be enough.

From April: We just want to say thanks again for all your support and great teaching over the past weeks. We learned so much and now have a much clearer view of what real childbirth should be. We’re very excited for our daughter to get here and eager to put all this information to good use!


From Sarah:

You will never know how much it meant to have you there for Evee’s birth. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really believe that. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.


From Brianne:

We just got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon with our daughter Leigh. She was born on her due date Sunday, Oct. 16 at 11:23am, 7 pounds 3 oz., 19 inches, and healthy. We had a natural birth with no medications. Bryan was a wonderful coach and Cindy Jaime was a terrific doula. Leigh is nursing and sleeping well. I will be sending pictures in the next day or so. I hope you can meet her soon.

Thanks for everything…I felt so prepared thanks to your class.


From Eulalia, mom to Atticus:

We were really pleased with the way our labor and birth worked out. Honestly, I know I wouldn’t have been such an informed, active birther had it not been for your class.

Also, I feel great! There’s no pain (except my breasts are a little sore from the breastfeeding) and people often comment on how good I look for just having given birth. I really feel this is due to not taking any pain meds or having procedures like an episiotomy done. Oh and Atticus has taken very well to breastfeeding; I was surprised at how quickly after birth I was nursing!

I feel that had we not taken your class, we wouldve been very unprepared for all of this. There’s no way we could prepare for everything, but I feel like we were light years ahead of someone who wouldve not taken your class.

Thank you, Jamie, we are so grateful for everything you provided to us! We will definitely be recommending your class (and Bradley classes in general) to any expectant parents we know. Thank you again.


From Alissa, mom to Ethan:

We appreciate so much all that we learned from you! It helped us be able to accomplish a natural childbirth. I had really hard back labor for about 8 hours at the hospital. We have been home from the hospital for about a week now. Breastfeeding is going well. Nurses and my doctor were both impressed and surprised that I followed through with no drugs.  I had great support from both my husband and my mom.


From Iris, mom to Edward:

We did it all natural!!!!
We did it!!!! G did great as a coach! I bit his head off once, but 99.99999% of the time, I really loved him near me. I love him more now… It was amazing :D


From Lisa, mom to Keelin:

I wanted to write a quick e-mail to let you know that the Bradley session you dedicated to breastfeeding has been a major factor in my success.  I wanted to breastfeed and before that session Paul was ok with it but didn’t see it as important. Paul had no interest in going to the breastfeeding class the hospital offered or to a LLL meeting.  All the information he got on breastfeeding came from your class and  after that session he understood how important it was to a baby’s overall health and development and he is now against the idea of giving our kids formula.  Breastfeeding is harder than I expected and as soon as Keelin was 4 weeks I started getting pressure from my in-laws to wean her, and the older she gets the more I hear on the subject.  Without Paul’s support I know I would not have been as determined as I was to get the hang of it or to continue for at lest her first year.  Even at the end of a really bad day I am glad I have not given up. Thank you


From Caroline and Ernest parents to Leo:

Thank you so much for the classes if it were not for them I

dont think we would have the confidence to do it alone.

[Note: Caroline had an extremely fast birth and Ernest caught the baby at home.]


From Lorelei, mom to Clara and Seth: [In regards to the difference between Lamaze and Bradley]

Having taken both, Lamaze is generally offered by a hospital…it teaches you how to be a good patient (how to know if you are in labor/when to go to the hospital/what the IV is
for).  Bradley is taught independently…it teaches you how to be an informed patient.  Although they touch on the same types of things, the knowledge you gain from Bradley has a lot more depth.  It also does not make the assumption that your doctor is infallible
(I think this concept is very scary to a great majority of the population…we all want to believe that our doctor is always going to make the right decisions and have our best interests at heart…largely because we feel intellectually dwarfed by the rigorous educational requirements doctors must meet.  We think, who am I to question this person)?

The other thing about Lamaze is that it generally only covers childbirth.    To get the same type of coursework, you would need to take a prenatal nutrition class, a breastfeeding class, and a newborn care class at the very least.

Finally, a Bradley teacher is highly committed to her students because she is incredibly passionate about the success of the particular method and the difference that it has made in her own life as Bradley teachers must have had a successful natural birth
(this is not to say that Lamaze teachers aren’t also committed).   Your Bradley teacher will give every tool she has to ensure that you have the fewest interventions possible in your birth and that you completely understand the risks and benefits of any
interventions taken.  A Lamaze teacher is more focused on letting you know what you might expect (interventions are seen as status quo).  This is a key difference since many women do not know other women that have had successful natural births.  In this way, your teacher can be a strong support if you are feeling isolated in your birthing views. During Bradley classes, you’ll have the chance to meet other like-minded people who, again, really help to lessen the isolation of  alternative birth practices.

Your Bradley teacher normally takes calls on any pregnancy/labor/post-partum questions that you may have. In my experience, she is the first person that I
would call with a question or problems as the relationship inspires trust.

From Nicole and Jacob, Parents to Leah
I can’t imagine what our birth experience would have been without taking Bradley classes with Jamie.  Bradley taught us about everything from pregnancy nutrition to newborn care and prepared us for the beautiful reality of childbirth.  We experienced an intervention free birth in a hospital that was amazing.  We relied entirely on the techniques we learned and practiced each week in class.  By the end of the class I felt empowered and capable.  There is no greater gift to a nervous first time mother.  Thank you Jamie!
From Rebekah, mom of 4 children,
your class helped me tremendously this time with relaxing…something I had a hard time mastering before.  You gave me a lot of good ideas of “mantras” I could say to myself.
From Cheryl, mother to Rene and Hazel
Jamie’s Bradley classes helped us to know what to expect in the labor and delivery and how to prepare for it.  The information was very beneficial to helping us have a natural birth.  Jamie is great at presenting the facts and information in a practical and objective way while making it a fun and memorable experience as well!



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